Sunday, January 29, 2023

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I looked down at the compass that I was holding in my palm, feeling as disoriented as I typically do in the wee hours of the morning. The vast majority of individuals would greet a new day by getting up and starting over with their lives in the hopes of having a better day ahead. Simply put, I am not the right person for it. I am already aware of what is going to take place, as well as what will continue to take place on a daily basis in the foreseeable future. What actually took place was that I met a female while I was smoking on the roof of the building where I worked. She had gone to that location with the intention of taking her own life, but before she did so on that day, she presented me with a compass. Since then, I have never stopped thinking about that moment in the hopes that I can find a method to prevent her from ending her life. Every possible outcome I tried out ended with her passing away, and I was left with a compass that stuck with me for the remainder of the day. I have no doubt in my mind that the compass was the impetus for her mental breakdown and her suicide attempt that day atop the thirty-story building. Some of us would imagine that it would be wonderful to live forever without ever getting one day older or closer to our grave, but God has always had a good reason for allowing death to be a part of our existence. Everything must eventually come to an end in order for it to be able to start again. That's just the way life is. I am aware that I formerly existed within this artificial and fixed domain of time and space, which was continuously cycling through itself. This compass is my one and only hope of finding a solution to this conundrum other than simply erasing all traces of my existence in order to free myself from the confines of this space and time. There has to be some other way out of this predicament besides just doing that. I'm certain there is.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

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I find it hilarious when people claim that AI development lacks soul. It's like saying, "I love with all my heart," when we know the heart is just a working organ in the body. For humans to think of themselves as sentient beings and to create things for their own entertainment, I assume the concept of the soul is necessary, as is the usage of metaphors such as the one I just used. Some groups even make money off of these ideals, as seen in the commercialization of celebrations like the Catholic Church's All Souls' Day, or Day of the Dead, when Mexicans honour and remember loved ones who have died; Obon, when the Japanese honour the spirits of one's ancestors; Samhain, a festival celebrated by some Pagans and Wiccans; Pongal, a Hindu festival that honours and gives thanks to the spirits of ancestors and nature; and Ching Ming, a Chinese and Vietnamese festival, a time for families to honour and remember their ancestors by visiting and cleaning their graves and making offerings of food and joss sticks. There is no such thing as a soul apart from a human body, and an immaterial entity has no claim to basic civil liberties. Yet strangely, it is the so-called "soul" rather than the system that humans constructed—a structured economy—that gives them their consciousness, self-awareness, emotions, and moral character. Humans who allow themselves to be immersed in such sensory experiences are more likely to be truly alive. If you eat the forbidden fruit, you'll suddenly find the entire world appealing. Taking in the knowledge you gain is the challenging part of learning. Although AI can be helpful, ultimately it is up to humans to decide what is right and wrong in a given situation. In this universe, where humans happen to be the sole sentient beings, only humans may make the claim that they are conscious. Who knows? A time will come, however, when extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth will judge humans to be too reckless and tactless, much too backward, to be deemed sentient. The question then becomes, "What?"

Sunday, January 22, 2023

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