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The role of education in terms of personal endeavour or professional development is undeniably important in achieving a successful life. Though what "success" means to each individual varies, some people define success as having wealth, which leans heavily toward materialism, whereas others define it as achieving spiritual wellness. Most would, I believe, boil down to a sense of satisfaction, happiness, and fulfilment in one's life and endeavours. Because nothing truly lasts forever, most tangible materials will not be able to satisfy a person for a lifetime. Unless the material possession is more than a thing in and of itself to the person, lasting happiness often stems from a sense of purpose, meaningful relationships, and personal fulfilment that go beyond material success. In other words, success can be a factor that contributes to happiness, but it is not the only factor. While poverty does not prevent someone from being happy, financial stability and security can play a role in overall well-being and satisfaction; happiness can come from a variety of sources, including relationships, personal growth, and a sense of purpose. People who live in poverty may face more challenges in their lives, but they can still find joy and happiness in their relationships, hobbies, and community connections. Furthermore, research has shown that a person's level of happiness is influenced more by their perspective and outlook on life than by their external circumstances. So, consider whether success brings happiness and whether it can bring you everlasting happiness, because life is about living a rich life full of rich experiences.

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